04/02/2022 PPS Early Career Award

Dr. Xu received the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) Early Career Award, and will give an invited lecture at the 37th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society.


07/08/2021 Muxuan defended MS Thesis

Muxuan successfully had his master thesis defense. Congratulations and achieve more during your PhD study.

07/06/2021 Linrui defended MS Thesis

Naifu successfully had his master thesis defense. Congratulations and achieve more during your PhD study.

05/27/2021 Recent Work Highlighted on School Website

Our recent work published on ACS Applied Bio Materials was highlighted on the school website. This work provide a new way to improve the performance of nonwoven polymer filters.


05/08/2021 Group Party after Vaccination

The Xu group gathered in person for the first time in 2021 after everyone got vaccinated. We had a great time!

04/21/2021 Virtual visit to Kennesaw State

Dr. Xu gave a seminar to the mechanical engineering department at the Kennesaw State University. Thanks to Dr. Li for the kind invitation.

04/20/2021 Linrui defended MS Thesis

Linrui successfully had his master thesis defense. Congratulations and good luck to your future endenvor!

03/10/2021 Virtual visit to Kent State

Dr. Xu gave a seminar to the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute at the Kent State University. Thanks to Dr. Lussem for the kind invitation.

02/16/2021 IUPAC Young Observer​

Dr. Xu has been selected as 2021 IUPAC Young Observers, and will attend the 51st IUPAC General Assembly and 48th World Chemistry Congress. Thanks to the IUPAC for the great honor!

10/09/2020 Welcome New Students

The Xu group welcome Jinyu Bu and Xiongyu Luo joining the team as new Ph.D. and M.S. students.

10/02/2020 Virtual visit to VCU

Dr. Xu gave a seminar to the physics department at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Thanks to Dr. Joung for the kind invitation.

07/24/2020 NSF I-Corps Team

The team composed of Dr. Xu, PhD students Pratik and Shan, and master student Jenny Wong was selected to participate in the NSF I-Corps program. We also received the NSF-lineage funding from the university I-Corps program. 

07/08/2020 MINE 2020 Young Scientists Award

Dr. Xu was selected as a finalist for the Microsystems & Nanoengineering Summit 2020 (MINE 2020) Young Scientists Award (http://mine2020.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1). We would like to thank the organizers for providing this great forum. 

04/25/2020 District 5 Science Day

Dr. Xu and PhD student Pratik served as the super judges for Western Reserve District 5 Science Day, we are really impressed by the science projects from the middle and high school students.

02/29/2020 STEM Day 2020

Our Lab participated in the 2020 Goodyear STEM Day Co-Sponsored by The University of Akron. 
More than 60 high school students visited our lab, and we demonstrated several interesting experiments including 3D bioprinting for them. This event was a great success!

02/11/2020 Symposium at the 57th SES meeting

We invite you to attend the Society of Engineering Science (SES) 57th Annual Technical Meeting in Minneapolis this September. 
Dr. Xu and Dr. Qin at Syracuse University are organizing a symposium "3D Micro/Nano-Architectures Based On Low-Dimensional Materials" under track 7.

Please consider submitting your abstract! 

11/08/2019 NIST trip for SANS experiments

Dr. Xu and Shan Liu went to NIST to conduct SANS study on functional polymers and 2D materials. 
















10/01/2019 Welcome new students!

Pratik and Shan joined the Xu group as PhD students, Naifu, Muxuan, and Linrui joined the Xu group as master's students. 

08/19/2019  Weinan officially started at the University of Akron

Our labs are located at NIPC and Olson, our offices are located at PEAC. Stay tuned for exciting news!